Jennifer's Story in Brief

Hi, My name is Jennfer Bodek.

I started at 38 stones (532lbs, 241Kg)

After being revived twice in March 2010, I had no choice but to Diet or Die.

So far I have lost 14st 4lbs (200lbs, 91Kg)

All weight loss is by diet and exercise. I do not have a gastric band or any other devices.

Jen is trying to turn her true story into a documentary.


I am not a consultant or trained, but I do offer a sympathetic ear to anyone who is overweight and needs help or a bit of encouragement. Or just to know that someone cares.

I feel fantastic and have had the support of everybody on Diet or Die, my fantastic family and friends.

As there was no support available when I started, I have set up this website and help-line.



Look out for Jen featuring in "BEST" and "REAL PEOPLE" magazines in July.


You can e-mail me at: for help and support.

If you wish to sponsor me on my "John O'Groats to Lands End" swim (equivalent)

Please donate to Cancer Research UK   

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